EDITORIAL by Mårten Runow

Written by Mårten Runow  

At Performia, we have consistently seen the importance of evaluating productivity thoroughly whenever or wherever you hire. This is actually the single most important factor, and if you manage to get it right you will solve a very big part of the “hiring equation”. If you look at all the people you have hired successfully – isn’t it true with those individuals who had already been productive in the past, it did not take very long before you could actually see and experience that your company really got help?

I am not saying that this is the only criterion in hiring but it is a very, very basic one. If productivity is “missing” you are normally in for some very real problems. Fixing no or low productivity in existing people is not a simple task, but it can certainly be done if you are very persistent and skilled enough. However, what is a bit amazing is that it is normally a lot simpler to increase the production of those who are already getting a lot of things done.

In this issue of TEAMS, we will look more closely into the huge importance of PRODUCTIVITY in hiring.

Image Copyright: Performia International Archive