Performia is an International company that deals exclusively in hiring. It was founded by Mårten Runow in 2001 and has since then opened in more than 26 offices around the world with more countries getting ready to start as we speak.
Mr Marten Runow has worked in the field of hiring for over 39 years, specialising in the use of testing for this purpose. At Performia we use Performance Checking and Personality analysis as the main evaluation questionnaires, but also many other tests such as Leadership index, IQ and Aptitude, etc., in order to find the best candidates to help our clients hire only productive people, ones who will be assets to their business.


Through powerful and yet simple to use Internet-based tools, Performia delivers solutions for any company, small or large. Though the Performia system is fairly new, the principles utilised are well proven and with Performia’s background of 23 years experience in recruitment testing, you gain access to both competence and very high technical skill.
Since the start in 2001 Performia has grown steadily and currently processes a flow of close to a thousand candidates every week in over 26 countries. Our clients consistently give the system high ratings and express great satisfaction with faster expansion speed, more stable personnel scenes, better profitability, higher job satisfaction and less stress.

We are strengthening the business community through helping companies to grow faster and become more stable by effectively providing them with the know-how and system support to handle their own hiring and evaluation process with constant high quality and success.


Our goal at Performia is to serve the Business community around the world with practical and useful information and systems in order to evaluate candidate’s productivity, personality, motivation and knowledge in order to hire productive well intention people and thereby increasing the value and overall expansion of these companies.