Master the key tool for your success. Hiring.

You will deal with principles and tools that have been observed to work consistently and well in today’s challenging conditions.

Performia will support you:
– to attract productive applicants
– to pinpoint valuable candidates
– to fit productive people into the right place
– to reduce staff turnover
– to successfully manage each individual
– to manage staff with higher certainty
– to lower your hiring expenses
– to make your team more effective.

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Business Hiring Analysis

In order to be able to suggest what would be the most appropriate service and help for your organisation, you can simply fill out this short questionnaire below. Performia has some very unique and workable systems to support all types of hiring and the more data you will provide the better, faster and more exactly we can advise you about what to do.

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You get:

– access to a simple yet advanced online system
– tests and online interviews in over 25 languages
– precise and pertinent results from the tests
– personal training, live or online
– help with all parts of the hiring process

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“The Performia Personality Test allows our HR department to send email to candidates so they can do online tests for aptitude, intelligence and personality to ensure that they fit our organization well. We can also create our own work-based tests using this platform. Online testing saves time, prevent us from hiring people who does´nt make it during 90 days of trial and keep our organization as efficient as possible without losing valuable time that would prevent our fast expansion.
Highly recommended for all entrepreneurs! ”
S.S. Founder and CEO

“We have been using Performia for many years. Before using Performia, we applied inhouse pre-employment tests or used another test company. Pre-employment tests are critical in hiring good employees, Performia is by far the best pre-employment service. The customer service we have received from Performia is outstanding all the time. The evaluations are so complete and easy to understand. The tests give us all the information we request in our interview process. Using Performia has given us confidence in our hiring process because we feel that if we miss something they will definitely find it. We believe that Performia has protected us from hiring individuals who may have been harmful to our organization. We value our corporate culture and just want to hire enthusiastic individuals who want to help us achieve our goals. Performia helps us protect our corporate culture, our customers and our business by giving us insight into a candidate’s true personality and productive qualities. Earlier, we’ve “given someone a chance” as Performia warned to be a bit of a risk. Each time we have learned that Performia’s recommendations were correct. In the end it turned out that the employee did not work. We now follow Performia’s recommendations much more precisely. We sometimes go back and look at the evaluations of current employees and each time the comments are a very good indication of how someone is performing. The recommendation helps us set up, training and workflow that helps new employees succeed in our company. For example, with a current employee. Mårten recommended that we provide this person with challenges that she would not seek challenges elsewhere. In view of this, we make sure that her workload varies and that we give her new projects to work with to make her feel challenged. If you do not use pre-employment tests, you should definitely start with it. Performia is a very simple and cost effective service that helps you protect your company and your employees. ”
ON. Managing Partne

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